CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

forward to better interaction with more coaches and colleagues globally and letting this model serve more companies and people. Do you have any upcoming plans for the remaining months of 2022? My new book, entitled ‘Running with Private Board is the Way to Realise Corporate Strategies - Embark on the Road to Industry Champion’ will be published very soon. It concerns the work of CEO coaches and executive coaches. Since it is the first book I have written, and its contents are also innovative, its publishing has taken a relatively long time. I expect that this book will be published in November. Now I am expecting its publish it just as I am expecting the birth of my child. What advice do you have for aspiring executive coaches? First: being driven by mission is the origin of executive coaching. There are huge challenges on the road to being an executive coach. It is completely different from being a personal coach. There are countless difficulties in the growth process. If there is no mission driving the executive coach to make progress, they cannot overcome these difficulties. Therefore, being driven by a mission is the cornerstone and driving force of an executive coach. Please look for your mission! Second, learning ability is the foundation. To be an executive coach requires the necessary knowledge, ability and rich experience, and strong learning ability is required to satisfy these conditions. Therefore, to be an executive coach, it is necessary to consolidate competence through the ability of sustainable learning. Finally, think digitally. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of enterprises, and their executives have already made great progress on the road of digital transformation. If the executive coaches want to dance with the executives in the digital age, as an executive coach, the executive coaches must have digital thinking and digital transformation capabilities, which is the key. What drives you to achieve the best results for your clients? With the help of the Running with Private Board model, I let the customers achieve the best results. In the practice process of the Running with Private Board coaching model, the model is currently the best way to encourage the growth of CEOs, team and organisations, no matter the coaching of the CEO’s leadership, the coaching of the executive’s ability, the coaching of the corporate team, or the coaching for realising the corporate strategy. There is no other way better than Running with Private Board coaching. Can you tell us more about the Running with Private Board coaching model? The model is indeed very important. I can say that it is the core of our practice. The Running with Private Board coaching model is not created out of nothing, but has three keys as shown below: First of all, I would like to thank to the executive coaches around the world for their practices and efforts, which led to the creation of this model. How is that? Because the Running with Private Board coaching model is based on the realisation of organisational (corporate) strategy as its goal, and it perfectly integrates personal coaches, team coaches and organisational coaches into one model. For example, in respect of personal coaches, both the ICF International Coaching Federation (ICF) and many Master Certified Coaches (MCC) have made great contributions to the Running with Private Board coaching model. Also, in respect of the team coaches, I would like to thank Mr Peter Hawkins for the contribution made by his systematic team coaching model. In respect of the organisational coaches, I would like to thank the “My work mentality has changed: it has now upgraded from career-oriented to mission-oriented” CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - CHINA - - 26 -

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