CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

Step 2: Complete the three-year strategic plan with the customer’s team through team coaching. Step 3: Complete the breakdown of the key tasks for realising the strategy and create a three-year action plan with milestones based on that. Step 4: Allocate the right team members according to the key tasks for realising the strategy, implement the Level-A talent system, and increase the talent density. Finally, we and the customer’s executive team reached a consensus and clarified and defined the work boundary. We provided the three technologies and eight models of the Running with Private Board coaching and thanks to our coaching, the customer successfully completed its strategic transformation in this instance. The three-year Running with Private Board coaching was a complete ‘encounter battle’. There is no other case available for reference. We and our customer’s CEO and team coped with all the major challenges. During the past three years, we have initiated more than 30 reform projects, all of which have been completed with the help of our Running with Private Board coaching. Only I and the Running with Private Board coaching team felt the sorrow and joy in these reforms and changes. Now when I look back at the past, I am happy but also afraid. I am happy that the all the coaching projects have been completed successfully, and I am afraid that in the course of the three-year coaching process, the challenges were relentless, occurring one after another. Some of these projects were completed thanks to good luck. The reason why I take this case as our proudest achievement is because the customer felt very satisfied, and I was also very satisfied. We helped an old enterprise with annual revenue of RMB5 billion to succeed in its digital transformation and become rejuvenated once again. Of course that is our proudest achievement. What changes have taken place in your practice during your career? First, the greatest change was that I changed from focusing on things to focusing on people. I have worked as a trainer, consultant and coach since 2001. The customers changed from the improvement of their employees’ knowledge, ability and attitude to the potential development and performance improvement of their CEOs and executives. The greatest change in my practice is changing from focusing on things to focusing on people (staying together with CEOs and executives). Second, my work mentality has changed: it has now upgraded from career-oriented to mission-oriented. Before founding of Shenzhen Hai Jiang Peer Advisory Board College in 2014, I was proud of my profession as a trainer and consultant and was career-oriented. After starting my business again, I define the mission of the College as ‘To let every CEO identify their mission and achieve their vision’, so that I and my team have missionoriented enthusiasm and drive. Finally, after engaging in CEO coaching and executive coaching, my sense of achievement has changed dramatically, and I feel a high sense of value. In the past, I helped the employees improve their knowledge and ability, but now I help the enterprises realise its strategy, and I feel a great difference in my sense of achievement, influence and social value in this process. If you can change one thing in your role, what would you change? Why? If I can change only one thing, I should put improving my English proficiency on the agenda. I hope that in the coming year I will improve my English proficiency rapidly and let the Running with Private Board coaching model go to the international market to serve more CEOs and executives in the world and enable more international companies to realize their corporate strategies. How do you measure your success? The real measure of my success is the customers, and customer’s satisfaction is the best measure. From 2014 on, the annual expense for the coaches serving the customers has risen from RMB 19,800 to 39,800 per year, to RMB1.2 million per year, and then to RMB 2 million per year in 2022, which I think is the best example of measuring my success. What does this award mean to you? First of all, thank you for noticing me. It is wonderful to know that my efforts and practice as a CEO coach and an executive coach during the last eight years have been seen. During those eight years, my team and I have been standing committed to our customers. In fact, we conducted very little advertising and we are low-key, so thank you for seeking us out. Second, the Running with Private Board coaching model is the boldest innovation and original IP from China in the field of coaching, and now it is going to the international market for the first time. The Running with Private Board coaching model considers the realisation of organisational strategy as its only goal, integrating the personal coach, team coach and organisational coach into one, and helps the organisation to realise its strategy. Now I share this coaching model with my colleagues around the world, hoping to gain feedback from them, so that we can all provide better services to customers and enable the CEOs and executives to grow and realise their corporate strategies. Finally, there are many parts of the Running with Private Board coaching model that can be improved. I look CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - CHINA - - 25 -

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