CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

Why did you choose a career in coaching? When I learned the fundamentals of coaching in 2002, it was still a new field in China at that time, and the market was an initial market for both coaching practitioners and customers. 20 years ago, the overall development in the field of coaching was limited to individual coaches, and I was more interested in the sustainable development of the organisation. So when I found that coaches were solving only personal problems, I chose to engage in training and consultation. I preferred to becoming a trainer and consultant with only a small amount of personal coaching practice, and I spent most of my efforts and time on my role as a trainer and consultant. After more than 20 years of professional growth experience, I found that coaches have completely different professional competencies compared to trainers and consultants. The trainer can only provide a solution to the customer’s knowledge, ability and attitude; the consultant can only solve the problems related to the customer’s business development strategy and solution; but the organization’s strategy realisation problem still cannot be solved. So, what should they do? Faced with this situation, the client CEO is definitely not satisfied, and only hopes to solve the actual problem of his enterprise: how the enterprise realises its strategy! To this end, in 2014, I started another business and founded Shenzhen Hai Jiang Peer Advisory Board College. I was engaged in the promotion and practice of private boards. I also started to use the coaching model to serve the entrepreneurs in my private board group, thus beginning the learning and practice of executive coaching. In this process, I found that the best way to solve the strategy realisation problem that the CEO is most concerned about is the Running with Private Board strategy. I first proposed the ‘Running with Private Board’ coaching concept in 2016. This concept helps an enterprise to realise its strategy. It obtained the intellectual property certificate granted by China’s National Intellectual Property Administration in March 2019. At present, it mainly serves Chinese entrepreneurs and enterprises whose size exceeds RMB100 million. What major challenges have you had to overcome in your career to date? There were great challenges for me to engage in CEO coaching and executive coaching. As the customers of a CEO coach are different from those of trainers and consultants, they must have different competencies. According to my experience, I think that there are various challenges: First, in the past, the ability system of trainers was different from that of coaches. A Running with Private Board coach must have at least the PCC certificate, and the more important thing is that they must build a knowledge system, competency system and experience points of personal coaches, team coaches and organizational coaches. Second, in the past, as a consultant I focused on solving problems at the organisational strategy level and was only responsible for submitting the solutions but not implementing them. So I only performed the responsibility of a consultant and did not need to be responsible for the results of an organisation’s performance. However, today, the Running with Private Board coach must solve the problems related with an enterprise to realise its strategies, so they must solve the overall problems of an enterprise instead of only partial problems. The realisation of corporate strategy becomes their only goal. To sum up, I myself have gone through a process of rebuilding my mentality, knowledge and skills. I practically started my CEO coaching and executive coaching career from scratch, so my challenges were undoubtedly great. What is your proudest professional achievement so far? My proudest professional achievement from 2019 to the present is that I helped a retail enterprise group with an annual revenue of RMB5 billion and a 25-year history to successfully complete its three-year strategic transformation. By applying the Running with Private Board Coaching model through our executive coach, team coach and organisational coach, this enterprise coped with all the challenges arising in its transformation process, and we were duly recognised by the customer, thus successfully completing a three-year contract. In July 2022, we started the fourth year of our Running with Private Board coaching journey. During three years of the Running with Private Board coaching project, due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the fact that our customer was a retail enterprise, there were great difficulties and challenges. In addition, the customer, as an organisation with a 25-year history, faced huge organisational change challenges. For example, its market shares were invaded by eCommerce, and its executive team members did not have the transformation genes in the digital age because of their old age. There was fierce competition among peers, like hand-to-hand combat, etc. Faced with the above challenges, standing together with our customer’s CEO, we completed the strategic transformation of the enterprise through the five-step process of our Running with Private Board Coaching: Step 1: Identify the CEO mission and start a three-year Running with Private Board coaching journey. Through one-on-one coaching and team coaching, the CEO and the enterprise perfectly identified their new missions and outlined their new visions, and therefore a solid foundation was laid for the change with full driving power. CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - CHINA - - 24 -

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