CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL) for its practice and summary. I must express my thanks to all of them. Secondly, I would like to thank my customers, as I created the Running with Private Board coaching © model with their input driving me. In 2014, I started to found a private board, but I discovered that personal coaches solved the CEO’s problem. However, it was not sufficient to completely resolve the issues related with only the realisation of corporate strategy; the realisation of corporate strategy is a systematic project which requires the integration of multiple factors before it can be realised. I began to apply team coaches and organisational coaches to the enterprises. As I served more and more enterprises, the Running with Private Board coaching model that integrates personal coaches, team coaches and organisational coaches into one model naturally came into being. Finally, when I created the Running with Private Board coaching model, I considered the strategic realisation of the enterprise from the perspective of the coach, and found and searched for the key factors for the realisation of the corporate strategy. For example, if anything is done successfully by employees, then the corporate strategy cannot be realised without the CEO and the executive team. For example, the most important factor for the successful realisation of corporate strategy is that the strategic direction must be right. As another example, the factor affecting the success of a thing is that key factors must be identified and implemented well. Therefore, the Running with Private Board coaching model originates from practice but overrides that practice. Are there any stories from your executive coaching practice that have had a profound impact on you? Yes. One is the story about us and a customer’s CEO’s personal coach jointly creating ‘Flow Leadership’ in the Running with Private Board coaching project in 2020. The CEO coach sub-project of this project adopted the Intelligent leadership model of the coach Mr John. Mattone. The core of the intelligent leadership model is that the inner core drives the outer core. That is to say, it is only if the inner-core mission, vision and values are found and clarified that the outer core leadership can be improved and developed. After interpreting the inner-core evaluation report with the customer’s CEO, he was very conscientious. He referred to the books and literature at the library for three consecutive days, reading and thinking about the theories and methods about inner core driving. Then, he talked happily with me for six hours on the fourth day. He talked about psychology, management, organisational behavior and flow theory. Finally, he put forward the focus of innovation: the concept and model of Flow Leadership ©. We also agreed to jointly study and execute the Flow Leadership © model, and to have a book to be published. At present, the Flow Leadership © Lab has been operating for more than a year. Together, we have explored and practiced the flow theory from personal flow to team flow, to the concept of organisational flow, and to the elements. We did a lot of basic work to prepare for the publication of the new book. I am very happy; we have grown together with our customers. This is a story about an executive coach that has far-reaching influence on me. CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - CHINA - - 27 -

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