CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

impactful behaviours. By applying a Multiplier approach, it is possible to unlock a further 120% of your (and your team’s) potential, which is double the potential average leaders tap into! Unsurprisingly, this approach starts with an intentional shift within the leader; it is about deliberately choosing how you show up and lead yourself first before leading others. As a result, leaders find themselves interacting with teams and clients in more powerful ways, which leads to more business, bolder results and ‘A Players’ joining their companies. All of this drives higher levels of innovation, engagement and productivity. Teams feel accountable and in ownership of their own work and their performance skyrockets. Embracing the Multiplier Leadership model fully enables founders and CEOs to create the results that they really want, including higher sustainable margins and profits, highly functional teams and a thriving customer base. So far, my clients have experienced a range of exceptional results, ranging from 600% growth in revenues, to 150% growth in profit whilst working half the time, to creating pre-product launches of millions of euros in recurring annual revenue. Next to professional results, many have also seen impactful results in their personal lives, naturally finding a better work-life balance, becoming more present with their families and friends and feeling happier and healthier. Overall, we can say that Multiplier Leadership truly is a transformational approach on every level. What are the most common issues that your clients have come to you for help in solving? Clients come to me for various reasons. Very often they have had enough of the cyclical nature of their business and they want to achieve higher and more sustainable growth in profits and margins. Others are highly stressed and tired and they feel like they are pulling the business along. Their work-life balance has completely gone out of the window and they feel an incredible burden and sense of responsibility. They want to get ‘out of the trenches’, but do not know how to develop a high-performance team that will allow them to work on the high-value areas of the business where they can make a real impact. Other times, it is simply that they are doing well and want to explore what the ‘next level’ could look like for them and the business. Sometimes this is to prepare for an exit or it involves thinking In my work with high-achieving founders I focus on unlocking potential at all levels – those of the CEO, the team and the organisation. ❝ ❝ CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - UNITED KINGDOM - - 62 -

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