CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

You have described yourself as having a fascination with potential. Can you tell us more about this? As I have deepened my exploration of the power of the mind, people’s psychology and why achievements are so varied and extreme, I have become increasingly fascinated by potential. I see potential as an incredible reservoir of skills, strengths, talents, insights, qualities and sheer brilliance that we have not yet explored, but that is bursting to come out. I am always wondering what else might be possible if we can unlock these. My view is that the more founders can tap into these unknown elements, the more they will be able to access mind-blowing levels of potential that create more impact and more profit, whilst also harnessing an innovating and thriving culture for their teams! In simple terms, the more potential we can unlock, the further and quicker we are going to go. In my work with high-achieving founders I focus on unlocking potential at all levels – those of the CEO, the team and the organisation. Experts say we typically use only 10% of our potential. Through my work with them, I get founders to see that despite the fact that they are using maybe three or four times more potential than others, there is still so much they are leaving on the table. I get them to imagine what impact and results they could create if they unlocked 60%, 70%, or even 80% of their potential. They find this so exciting, as it means there is so much room for growth, positive impact, innovation and bigger results! I focus on empowering these people to become incredible leaders by developing a unique and highly effective ‘Multiplier’ Mindset and Identity. This is the catalyst for them to: • Inspire their organisations to multiply their profits, margins and their impact ; • Become an impactful, inspirational leader; • Develop high-performance teams; • Attract and retain “A” players; • Boost levels of innovation and create new streams of revenue. Can you explain a bit about ‘Multiplier Leadership’ and what it means? Of course. Multiplier Leadership is at the heart of my work with founders – because unlocking potential comes from being a Multiplier. This approach is based on developing a unique and powerful Multiplier Mindset and Identity, which drive new empowering, intentional and Tracy Clark Tracy Clark Coaching & Consulting CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - UNITED KINGDOM - - 61 - LEADERSHIP TEAM DEVELOPMENT COACHING SERVICE OF THE YEAR

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