CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - 42 - - NORWAY - What led you to leave your corporate role to found Shestainability? Shestainability was born from a deep desire for top-down change. I realized that my holistic leadership philosophy was different from most of my colleagues. Neither I, nor my female peers, could expand to our full potential while hitting against the walls of existing corporate structures. I am a change-maker and recognized the power of a movement to go head-to-head with a patriarchal leadership paradigm. Tell us about your current business model, what you do, and who you serve. Shestainability has three branches for private executive leadership coaching, organizational leadership development, and executive community development. I predominantly serve female CEOs, SVPs, and EVPs in the Energy sector, supporting them in their personal and professional goals in diverse capacities. How would you describe the impact you are creating across the business ecosystem and social sector? I am a passionate believer in the impact of one conversation. While impact begins 1:1 within my intimate coaching conversations with rising women, our ripple effect is collective. The topdown leadership we are exercising across our organizations is reshaping the Energy sector. It is remarkable to witness the shift: how one conversation can have a transformative influence on the social dynamics within a large global organization. What is the hardest barrier you’ve overcome in your life? I’ve done everything in my career for my family, and my beloved son, Benjamin. Benjamin was born with a very rare genetic condition, one that the medical community gave a prognosis of 7 years. I knew that no one doctor or one institution could define the life expectancy for my son. While I never knew how much time we would have together, I did everything in my power to provide my son a joyous life. We challenged the odds for 27 years. How has and will that experience influence you moving forward? My son’s life inspired people around the world. His legacy is one of happiness and hope, and I am the steward of his story. We’ve created Benjamin’s ThinkTank to show other parents that any solution is possible to create when we put our minds and hearts to it. I feel this is true in every arena of our lives. Benjamin motivates me to bring my full voice to everything I do, especially in business. Your transparency about your life is why your clients trust you implicitly. Can you share anything about your leadership agenda for 2022 and beyond? Since returning to my regular travel schedule, I have dedicated myself to supporting my clients inside their organizations. Our immersive coaching experiences continue to unlock new energy and fresh ideas. Specifically, we are reimagining their leadership and how we can bring the functions of executive development and leadership coaching into their organizations. Innovations in leadership approaches are essential to address industry-wide changes that have transpired since the pandemic disrupted our daily lives. I am very involved in partnering with my clients and their fellow executive leaders to launch innovative internal coaching programs for their global teams. What is an example of an innovation you and your clients are spearheading in the Energy sector? My clients and I explore what impact looks like internally. We are measuring the energy of their organization through utilizing an attitudinal benchmarking tool called the Energy Leadership Index Assessment. In the process, we are reconceptualizing traditional success benchmarks and co-creating new performance metrics. If there were one message you could share with our global audience of executive decision-makers, what would it be? The lesson is universal: Cultivating your selfawareness, intuition and creativity is at the crux of your sustainability, impact, and personal wellbeing.

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