CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

RitaHausken CEO & Founder of Shestainability In a board room surrounded by global decisionmakers in the Energy industry, Rita Hausken does not hesitate to share her thoughts and her heart. As the gender minority, she unapologetically directs the discussion. “When you hear where I’ve been and the barriers I’ve overcome in my career, you can begin to understand the significance of not taking no for an answer,” Rita reflects with a palpable calmness in her storytelling. As the CEO & Founder of Shestainability, Rita is an industry disruptor and powerhouse by global standards. She is recognized in the Top 10 Entrepreneurs globally in Energy Transition. Her precision is as clear as her purpose. Rita empowers other women CEOs, SVPs, and Energy executives to think beyond society’s limitations. Shestainability is doing just that, redefining what it looks like to be a woman-led organization within an industry historically led by men. At its helm, Rita is making waves in the global shift toward Sustainable Development. As an executive coach, Rita’s weekly influence is felt across countries. Her measurable commitment to presence and well-being are the innovative performance indicators that set her apart in spaces largely regulated by productivity. Rita brings a consciousness to her business activities that models excellence by example. She manages to strike the perfect balance between the needs of her clients and her many impact objectives: gender equality, climate action, reduced inequalities, good health and wellness. While Rita’s confidence captures your attention, it is the substance of her remarks that evoke your imagination. For our readers meeting you for the first time, how would you like to make their acquaintance? First and foremost, it is a true pleasure to have the visibility of this platform to be able to connect with leaders from all over the world. I am exceptionally proud of the work that I do, and the women who I serve, and I see this opportunity as a powerful moment for all of us leading the Shestainability movement. Your track record precedes you. Could you share your most significant career accomplishment? For 30+ years, I have advocated for diversity, equity, and inclusion in leadership. As Chair of Lean in Equity and Sustainability and Co- chair of Women Building a Sustainable Future, I’ve used my platform to facilitate global discussions amongst female leaders. My influence inspires women to use their voices to break through ceilings in their careers. I dedicate myself to elevating the voices of women leaders, knowing that our collective power is a force for good in the creation of a more equitable world. CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - NORWAY - - 41 - WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT & SUSTAINABILITY COACH OF THE YEAR

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