CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

“Hello everyone. My name is Yin Haijiang, I am 50 years old this year and I am from Shenzhen, China. I am an executive coach and also an entrepreneur – the founder of Shenzhen Hai Jiang Peer Advisory Board College. I studied my PhD in business administration at the University of Cote d’Azur (Nice) and passed ICF (International Coach Federation) PCC Certification. I am an expert of the Education and Examination Centre of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China. I have been engaged in coaching for 20 years up to the present, including eight years of experience in CEO coaching and executive coaching. Through the ‘Running with Private Board’ model I created, I have provided coaching services to enterprises with an annual operating revenue of more than RMB100 million to improve the leadership of their CEOs and help their executives to improve team performance, and thus help them achieve their strategic goals.“ Haijiang Yin Dr. Founder of Shenzhen Hai Jiang Peer Advisory Board College Was there a particular moment when you knew you wanted to be a business coach? Yes. It was in 2000 when I learned about coaching by reading an article about it in a magazine. The article shared that a Europebased branch of Shell improved its factory’s efficiency and performance through coaching and achieved great results. That was the first time I had heard about coaching, so I got to know the topic, and eventually started learning and practicing it. Between the end of 2001 and the spring of 2002, to learn the fundamentals of coaching, I embarked on a journey of almost 4,000 kilometres. For every three-day lesson, I went to Shanghai by train and each journey took me three days and three nights. I travelled between Urumqi in Xinjiang and Shanghai for three consecutive months to learn the methodology of coaching, and thereby started the first step in my coaching career: understanding the ‘why-what-how’ in the field of coaching. Now 20 years have since elapsed. CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - CHINA - - 22 - BUSINESS CONSULTING COMPANY OF THE YEAR

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