CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

Can you relate some past success stories in implementing team and organisation-wide transformations? Every single one is a shining star on its own. In one insurance company of 5,400 people, we significantly shifted the culture towards collaborative and responsive work which, amongst other results, moved the team’s net promoter score from 55 (where it was stuck for years) to 74, and it has been increasing since then. Another company, an IT-health services provider, boosted their CAGR from 16% to 48%. A European telecom services company raised the success rate of their strategic projects from 20% to 100%. A European computer cooling manufacturer became a global #1 niche player and has now expanded to green mobility and the space industry. While these are all ‘business performance’ metrics, what is most important is that they were all driven by a significant shift into thriving, people-first workplaces. How people feel, succeed and grow is where the true underlying success stories come from, and this is what we are most proud of. Can you tell us why you have just changed your brand? Our former name directly translated as “Catch the knowledge”, which we felt did not accurately describe what we do. Our passion and promise to our clients is to bring lasting impact with tangible business and wellbeing benefits. So we are not about new knowledge, but much Peter Baloh and Borut Jeglič are founders of Thriverse. More than a training or consulting company, their team combines the best in science and the art of leadership, team dynamics, positive psychology, experience design, habit building and change management to yield better behaviours. Thriverse has helped over 2,000 teams from global corporations, regional champions and SMEs to become exceptional in the way they perform and in the way their people feel. Thriverse T: +386 41 711 317 | E: more about new habits and mindsets that we help to create and sustain. The new name, THRIVERSE, comes from our mission: to create a universe of thriving individuals and teams. Our world faces many challenges and we strongly believe that only people who thrive in what they do will ultimately lead us into a better future, which we want to see realised for our children. Do you have any major projects in the works that you can share with us? One of our core values and guiding principles is courage, which means we are always stretching outside our comfort zone and advancing client journeys. We’ve spent 10 months on adding latest research findings and tools and are launching a revamped Thriving Leader program in early 2023. It is a hyper individualized journey creating leaders that incorporate all the areas of human wellbeing and the high performance in ongoing, mindful conversations. “For us, nothing that is short of excellent works.” CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - SLOVENIA - - 21 -

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