Featured Winners

Dr. Yin Haijiang

Founder of Shenzhen Hai Jiang Peer Advisory Board College

It is wonderful to know that my efforts and practice as a CEO coach and an executive coach during the last eight years have been seen. View Profile 2023 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
Featured Winners

David Goldfarb

Founder of Goldfarb Consulting GmbH

Coaching is creating a safe space in which I discover and examine new perspectives with my clients. The aim is to feel the power of a change perspective and to gradually integrate it into action. View Profile 2023 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
Featured Winners

Madeleine Homan Blanchard

Chief Coaching Architect of The Ken Blanchard Companies

"I have spent the last 33 years working passionately on first making coaching a legitimate profession, then experimenting with the application of coaching to improve large, complex systems." View Profile 2023 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
Featured Winners

Tracy Clark

Tracy Clark Coaching & Consulting

This is a wonderful recognition of the passion I have for my work, the excellence I aim for, the commitment to my own growth and that of my clients. View Profile 2023 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
Featured Winners

Navid Nazemian

CEO of Navid Nazemian Executive Coaching FZCO

Similar to the recent recognition as HR’s Most Influential Practitioner, it is humbling and rewarding at the same time to see one’s work being recognised like this. View Profile 2023 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
Featured Winners

Peter Baloh

Co-Founders of Thriverse

The new name, THRIVERSE, comes from our mission: to create a universe of thriving individuals and teams. View Profile 2023 AWARDS - VOTE NOW

CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022

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Almost without exception great business leaders, including those running S&P 500 and FTSE companies, have benefited from the deep insight and external frame of reference that an Executive Coach can provide. 

It has even been reported that industry titans such as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Google co-founder Larry Page have benefited from professional coaching in various forms throughout their stellar careers. It’s also said that a strategy for success amongst the business elite is to continue to learn and develop their leadership skills regardless of their relative success – this is where the skills of an Executive Coach can become invaluable and timeless.

The CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 celebrate the best in leadership and management coaching, and recognise just how integral coaches are to innovation and growth across the business world.

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