2022 Winners
Impactful Teams, LLC

Warner Brown

Executive Team Leadership Coach of the Year

It is important to confirm with a client that they are ready for coaching. This means determining if they are ready to hear feedback that might be uncomfortable at times and then building a personal rapport with that client to establish a relationship where they are willing to hear observations and feedback from me as their coach. View Profile 2024 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
2022 Winners
CEO of Navid Nazemian Executive Coaching FZCO

Navid Nazemian

Global Executive Coach of the Year

My truest reward lies in witnessing the flourishing of my coaching clients and their attainment of transformational results, often seen as insurmountable prior to our engagement. View Profile 2024 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
2022 Winners
CEO of Limitless Nurses

Beaulah M. Chizimba

Best Healthcare Leadership & Career Development Coach

This recognition is particularly special, as CEO Today was a resource I used in 2017 to understand boardroom dynamics. View Profile 2024 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
2022 Winners
3D Leadership

Angie O’Donnell

Leadership Excellence in Executive Coaching

Since I was a teenager, I’ve been intrigued by the intersection of business and psychology, and the evolving human potential movement which asks if we’re living and accessing our full potential as humans. View Profile 2024 AWARDS - VOTE NOW
2022 Winners
Keystone Group (Shanghai), Inc.

Marjorie J. Woo Ph.D., MCC

Leadership Coaching Service of the Year

Leadership coaching in China needs to be tolerant of differences but not of all differences. Traditional Chinese culture is hierarchical, such that subordinates often defer to superiors without question. View Profile 2024 AWARDS - VOTE NOW

CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2023

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Almost without exception great business leaders, including those running S&P 500 and FTSE companies, have benefited from the deep insight and external frame of reference that an Executive Coach can provide. 

It has even been reported that industry titans such as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Google co-founder Larry Page have benefited from professional coaching in various forms throughout their stellar careers. It’s also said that a strategy for success amongst the business elite is to continue to learn and develop their leadership skills regardless of their relative success – this is where the skills of an Executive Coach can become invaluable and timeless.

The CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2023 celebrate the best in leadership and management coaching, and recognise just how integral coaches are to innovation and growth across the business world.

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