CEO Today - Executive Coaching 2023

What do you believe sets your coaching style apart from other executive coaches in the region? I invest time in deeply understanding my client’s personal and professional history, aspirations, and challenges. As well, I integrate global best practices with Middle Eastern cultural values. This fusion ensures that my clients are equipped not just to lead locally but also on the global stage. Beyond just business acumen, I emphasize the importance of personal growth, emotional intelligence, and well-being. I believe a well-rounded executive is more effective, resilient, and adaptable. Can you share a gratifying success story from your tenure as an executive coach? Over a period of six weeks during the pandemic, I worked with a senior operations director to design from scratch, an innovative warehouse based production process that supplied a world class technology solution for his GCC clients. Despite not being a scientific expert, it was gratifying to see how the solution evolved. How do you stay updated with global coaching trends while ensuring relevance to your local clientele? I regularly enroll in international courses, seminars, and workshops. This exposes me to the latest methodologies, tools, and insights from global experts, ensuring that I’m at the forefront of contemporary coaching practices. As well, I subscribe to leading coaching journals, magazines, and online platforms, which provide a wealth of information about global trends. Additionally, networking with international coaching peers gives me a fresh perspective and insights into what’s evolving in the coaching world. Participating in local coaching forums, workshops, and groups keeps me grounded in the regional context. These platforms offer invaluable insights into the unique challenges and aspirations of executives in the Middle East. Dubai is known for its fast-paced business environment. How do you help executives maintain work-life balance amid such dynamics? Over the past 10 years I have developed programs that are attuned to the expatriate executive. Expat Impact is a program over nine weeks that helps executives identify their core values and objectives, both professionally and personally. By discerning what truly matters, they can prioritize tasks and commitments more effectively, allowing for a balanced distribution of time and energy for themselves and their families. Navigating the Negativity is a 10 week program that specifically focuses on the individual and their journey through life. Based on a sailing boat metaphor, the goal is to implement the key tenets of Positive Psychology and have these actively incorporated into the executive’s lifestyle. Lastly, how do you envision the future of executive coaching in the Middle East, especially with technological advancements and changing business dynamics? AI-driven analytics could provide insights into leadership styles, decision-making patterns, and areas for growth, offering tailor-made coaching interventions. The adoption of digital platforms will most likely reshape executive coaching to be a more fluid relationship. I use a mobile software application that allows me to securely deliver content, tasks and communications with clients in real time wherever they are. CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2023 - UAE - - 87 -

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