CEO Today - Executive Coaching 2023

The ‘Impact Leadership System’ is a cornerstone of your coaching methodology. Can you explain its core principles and how it differs from other leadership development frameworks? The Impactful Leadership System is built on four principles: 1. Lead Yourself - Clarify your values and embrace your natural strengths so you can step into your leadership with greater confidence and authenticity. 2. Engage - Enlist your team and stakeholders in healthy conversations so you have the insights you need to build your influence, trust and relationships. 3. Align - Align the strengths of your team with your shared purpose so everyone is working together to fulfill the organization’s mission 4. Develop - Develop new leadership strengths and systems for yourself, your team and your organization so you can co-create purpose-driven transformation This methodology developed the leadership capacity of the entire team and not just senior leadership. Could you share a success story where the ‘Impact Leadership System’ particularly transformed an executive’s leadership style or business approach? When I introduced the Impact Leadership System to a leader of a national organization caught in a major crisis, threatening the existence of the organization, this approach helped him discover his strengths for leading in that situation and the courage to engage his team and other stakeholders to address the crisis head-on and successfully resolve it. Warner, in your LinkedIn profile, you’ve spoken about the frustration leaders feel when they’re caught up in the day-to-day operations that should be delegated to others. Could you elaborate on how your coaching helps executives overcome this common hurdle and what strategies you recommend for effective delegation? Coaching helps executives recognize their strengths for leadership and the leadership strengths of their team. When a team is aligned for healthy communications and mutual accountability, it functions at its highest level. Underusing or overusing our strengths or those of our team members can do harm to the effectiveness of our work. Continuous learning is essential for any leader. What are some ways you encourage lifelong learning and growth in the executives you coach? When a leader becomes a client, I encourage their lifelong learning by offering workshops and other resources that can serve them even after our formal coaching engagement has been completed. This includes inviting them to develop a plan for continuous learning and participate in structured conversations with other successful leaders. “Showing up with authentic compassion and sharing a compelling vision inspires people to act and make a commitment to doing the work that makes a difference.” CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2023 - SIERRA LEONE - - 83 -

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