CEO Today - Executive Coaching 2023

Warner Brown Founder of Impactful Teams, LLC Warner, could you tell us about the moment you decided to become an executive coach and the driving force behind that decision? I discovered the magic of coaching as I became a bishop, which is the equivalent of a CEO for a large religious organization. I so benefited from coaching that I wanted to pay it forward by coaching the leaders who worked for me and, in the future, other executives who could benefit from that wisdom. The powerful thing I discovered through the coaching I received and the coaching I gave others was the ability to lead as my best self and inspire other people to use all of their strengths for leadership. How do you approach a new coaching engagement, and what initial steps do you take to establish a foundation for successful outcomes? With a new coaching agreement, it’s important to learn what a successful outcome will look like to your client. Why have they decided to engage in coaching and what do they want to achieve. And what is the big problem that is keeping them awake at night or troubling them during the day? Once we’ve discovered the “why” of coaching, I encourage them to take a helpful assessment to discover their strengths for leadership and in the process, we often uncover potential blind spots. Beginning with these two foundations, a leader can begin to lead themselves to be the best possible leader they can become. “Taking Leaders and Teams from Frustration to Freedom by Building Teams That Share Passion and Purpose so they Get Results is what we do.” CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2023 - SIERRA LEONE - - 81 - EXECUTIVE TEAM LEADERSHIP COACH OF THE YEAR

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