CEO Today - Executive Coaching 2023

like Active Listening, Coaching Presence, Establishing Trust, Creating Awareness, and Designing Actions – skills that enable us to support leaders in a conversation they just can’t get anywhere else. With the rapidly changing business landscape, especially post-COVID, what are the new challenges executives face today? And how has executive coaching evolved to address them? In the wake of George Floyd, The Social Justice movement, Violence against Asian and Pacific Islanders, and a highly charged political climate, I’ve done a lot of work with leaders, helping them understand the cultural context in which they operate. Cultural differences can significantly impact leadership styles and expectations. Executives must lead with greater integrity and address social and ethical issues impacting their organizations, focusing on ethics and corporate social responsibility. They will also need to be keenly aware of possible biases inherent in their leadership approach. Additionally, COVID highlighted the importance of employee health and well-being. The future workforce, Generation Z, is now demanding what previous generations were only requesting - that executives prioritize employee wellness and flexible work arrangements to transcend ‘work-life balance’ and usher in the age of ‘whole-life harmony.’ Besides executive and leadership coaching, you also offer consulting services to the Federal Government. How does this role contrast with your coaching responsibilities, and how does it enhance your efforts in leadership coaching? At Clear and Present Executive Coaching and Consulting Services, LLC, our consulting services allow us to bring ready expertise in Assessments, Agile Methods, Change Management, Communications and Team Building and Strategy Planning and Execution. Consultant Services can help leaders plan and execute changes, while Leadership Coaching supports leaders in navigating and leading through change effectively while helping teams develop the resilience and adaptability needed during times of transformation. Leadership Coaching and Consulting services work together to provide a holistic approach to leadership development and organizational improvement within the federal government. Complementing these expertise and services can help executives identify and address systemic issues, develop leaders’ capabilities, and drive positive change across government agencies. CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2023 - USA - - 64 -

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