CEO Today - Executive Coaching 2023

Kyle Moses, PhD - Executive Coach - Revolution Solutions | You can’t always predict what tomorrow holds for your organization. One of the tenets of business is that constant change requires constant growth. How are you maintaining your edge and continuing to develop? Kyle works with successful and motivated leaders who are ready to be challenged, have an open mind, and are willing to dig deep within themselves to propel their continued success. His coaching philosophy is built around the core belief that “the revolution starts from within.” As the client develops a new understanding of how the world is presenting itself, their own cognitive framing of roles and responsibilities is evolving in parallel, making positive, lasting change achievable. It starts with a systematic approach: Kyle’s extensive professional experience pivots on empathy, synergy, and the spirit of partnership with leaders at all levels, enabling an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect that facilitates effective growth. Having experienced many of the same challenges as his clients, Kyle has a full appreciation of the importance of the work they take on. Clients appreciate Kyle’s sincerity, his integrity, his insightful questions, and the humor and energy he brings to the work. Coaching in partnership and enabling growth: In working with clients, Kyle seeks to facilitate (1) a deep understanding of what the individual wants to gain from the coaching process – and how success will be measured; (2) a high level of self-awareness – including values and strengths; (3) a clear perspective of what he or she wants to change; (4) a plan to put the change in place; and (5) practice to make it part of the individual’s enduring capabilities. The future is the present: No matter the circumstance, it takes courage to challenge convention and question how and where you need to you evolve. That means understanding the future is an infinite chain of present moments. However you want to optimize, Kyle will tap into your unique experiences and wisdom and, notably, will help guide critical analyses that challenge your default thought settings. He will offer support, guidance, and resources where needed and will promote timely action. The most significant factor differentiating top leaders from average performers is understanding that although the future holds unforeseen challenges, a present focus on both internal and external growth secures continued success. Bespoke coaching across diverse industries: A client hired Kyle to help address issues with scaling an organization. Kyle helped the client successfully identify organizational process challenges and high leverage actions to boost both organizational alignment and critical processes to cascade across the organization. For another executive in the IT industry, Kyle supported the client in developing new self-awareness and self-confidence to more effectively communicate and management conflict with their fellow C-suite executives. This decreased internal organizational friction and enabled a number of successful revenue increasing opportunities. CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2023 - USA - - 61 -

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