CEO Today - Executive Coaching 2023

Ann Papayoti has always been the go-to girl for friends experiencing problems. She could have started her own ‘Dear Annie’ column decades ago, and her high school yearbook quotes a classmate describing her as a “good listener.” Little did she know then that listening with empathy was an invaluable, innate skill that would become foundational to her life’s work. After completing university studies in Journalism and enjoying a 17-year career with one of the world’s largest airlines, Ann spent some years as a stay-at-home Mom and a community volunteer where she continued using her corporate experience to serve in leadership capacities. With a corporate training and development background, she was sought by local nonprofits, where she offered personal and professional development courses. She continues leading support groups for those experiencing separation and divorce, a personal mission to help others through the difficult life transition that she had experienced. Participants from both classes and groups began asking for private guidance. Their request led her to pursue education in coaching through iPEC (The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) and open her practice in 2015. Ann did not set out to be an executive coach, but as she helped individuals get results, they began asking her to help them with their professional roles, teams, and businesses. Their successes have led to her twice receiving the distinguished CEO Today Executive Coaching Award. “I love working with C-suite executives and small business owners alike. I deeply respect leaders who seek coaching as they recognize and take responsibility for their impact on others.” She finds that people struggle with blind spots. Often, these are in relationships and how the person approaches or avoids conflict. After guiding them to their truths through objective observation, empowering questioning, and active listening, the real work of coaching begins -- healing the source. “This is what I love doing. By listening for the implicit, I help clients identify, challenge, and overcome the source, not just address the symptoms.” She became fascinated with neuroscience when her youngest son was diagnosed with epilepsy. “We can break negative patterns, change our brain, and improve our outcomes.” Ann is an ICF Professional Certified Coach, speaker, writer, educator, and Amazon bestselling author with two co-authored books, The Gift of Shift, and Engaging Speakers Voices of Truth. She is an Expert Contributor for YourTango Media, and her articles have been featured in MSN, Google, Yahoo, Apple News, and more. Ann now has a monthly Dear Annie advice column in Inspirations for Better Living magazine. Additionally, Ann has spoken in front of international audiences at conferences, summits, retreats, and commemorations, both live and online, captivating, educating, and inspiring audiences to ‘make shift happen.’ A student of positive psychology and positive intelligence, Ann takes a holistic and collaborative approach to working with clients, helping them increase their overall satisfaction, health, happiness, and well-being. Ann has numerous certifications to supplement the coaching process and offers the Energy Leadership Index™ assessment to help create self-awareness and develop self-mastery. For 2023, Ann introduced Soul CPR, a signature online course and a retreat to her repertoire. Her goal is to support and revive the lives of those who have suffered emotional trauma like a death, divorce, or diagnosis. Having lived in Canada and various places in the U.S., Ann now resides with her family in a charming little town near Dallas, Texas. This recent empty-nester rises and shines each morning by teaching group fitness classes before beginning her workday. Zumba is her joy, and Pilates is her passion, along with loaded lattes and page-turner books. Ann Papayoti Founder of SkyView Coaching and Co-owner of SkyView Consulting B.A., PCC CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2023 - USA - - 55 -

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