CEO Today - Executive Coaching 2023

CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2023 - CANADA - - 51 - In an empowered workplace, individuals can contribute meaningfully and take an active role in shaping the organization’s success by giving employees the tools, resources, and autonomy to thrive. Empowerment leads to a more engaged, innovative, and resilient workforce, ultimately driving the organization towards its goals and adapting to the ever-changing business landscape. The team at Lumen Consulting Group Inc. partners with clients to measure across three domains: 1. Leadership Commitment and Strategy 2. Culture of Trust and Meaningful Connection 3. Ecosystem of Equitable Processes & Decisions EDI needs to be integrated into every aspect of an organization. It must become part of its DNA. We meet our clients where they are, determine current state to get a baseline, then light the path with a strategic roadmap to future state. We then stay connected on the journey. This isn’t a checkbox activity or a feel-good exercise. The journey requires transparency, accountability, and stamina. A multi-year strategy with no endpoint, but rather one that is continuously improved upon. With the rapid pace of change in the business world, how do you keep your coaching methods and content fresh and relevant for your clients, and how does your learning and development journey help support people of colour further? We can’t be challenging organizations to evolve, and not do the same of consultants and coaches, to transform their practices and professions as a whole. The three touchstones of Programs at Lumen Consulting Group Inc. are Coaching, Capability Development, and Community Building. I take the same approach to evolve as a coach. A few things we take into consideration are: Tailored Approach: client-centric content is key. The experiences and unique challenges faced by of people of colour must be considered when designing leadership development programs and coaching engagements, keeping an open line of communication to understand evolving needs, challenges, and goals. Connectivity: Building connections within the leadership community, engage in discussions, share experiences, and learn from peers is a powerful tool to facilitate learning. Technology Integration: Leverage technology to enhance coaching experiences and will facilitate tailored content and community building. Advancements in technology, like AI, should not be feared, but instead, let’s get curious about how technology can drive our mission forward. It’s also important to note, that one person doesn’t have all the answers, nor can they be all things to everyone. As a coach, I’m honoured to be a peer of other coaches doing phenomenal work in this space. I’m interested in exploring how we, as a collective, can collaborate, integrate, and crowd-source the incredible knowledge within our network to provide an exceptional coaching experience to leaders. On that note, I also have a goal to significantly increase the number of coaches of colour! Lastly, I’m constantly learning from my clients and leave our interactions feeling enriched. Your passion and focus on uplifting and advancing women of colour in leadership is admirable. What should organizations be asking themselves to strengthen their pipeline and the progression of women of colour to more senior roles? The pipeline starts at the frontline. Ensure that proactive identification, development, and progression is happening throughout the full pipeline so that the ‘broken rungs’ are mended and talent is flowing through. 1. How are you investing in the leadership development of women of colour? 2. What steps are you taking to retain women of colour? 3. What actions are you taking to identify and remove systemic barriers to clear the path for women of colour to progress to leadership, C-Suite, and Board roles? What can we look forward to seeing from Lumen Consulting Group Inc. in 2024? Clients have been asking, and we’ve been listening, so expect to see some exciting Programs in 2024! These Programs will increase our focus on the leadership empowerment and development for women of colour. More to come on that front! In addition we’re looking forward to the continuation of transformational projects with Allies to build equitable workplaces for all employees to thrive.

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