CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

How does coaching help leaders navigate crisis and uncertainty more effectively? Self-awareness, courage, openness to experimentation and self-care are key to leading in difficult times. How can you influence effectively if you do not know how your words and actions are perceived? If you are not skilled at having difficult conversations? Research shows that we are particularly bad at perceiving how others see us. Coaching creates a safe space to leaders better understand themselves and their impact on others, and then explore new behaviours and mindsets to successfully mobilise their teams to deliver high performance. Good coaches will remind you of your strengths and how to leverage them during a crisis and will help you see the big picture and aim higher in both the short and long term. Once you have high self-awareness and a clear vision, we put together a plan of action, so you slowly walk towards your goals and start stepping into the position of the leader you want to become. Good coaches will also remind you that successful leaders prioritise their health and wellbeing to ensure effective decision-making and the promotion of a safe and collaborative culture. How do you know when coaching is working? Coaching is working when leaders are learning about themselves, experimenting with new ways of reacting and building new capabilities. A leader who becomes less controlling gets more loyalty and engagement from their team; a director who becomes less of a perfectionist allows the team to become more productive; a senior executive who gets better at managing their worries encourages more innovation at work, etc. Simple changes, powerful results! I also know it is working when clients tell me that making decisions has becomes much easier – they have learned how to use their values to guide their decisions. Finally, I know it is working when happy clients give great referrals – and sometimes come back for more coaching! In your view, what makes a good coach? Empathy, curiosity, an ability to encourage deep introspection and offer perspective, and of course a genuine desire to see your clients thrive. When clients trust that the coach will create a safe and confidential space with no judgment, they can have open and honest conversations and be curious and open to new possibilities. Good coaches will ask thought-provoking questions, rely on clients to come up with the best answers and empower and motivate them to go after the changes they want to see. Graziela Cajado-Ogland “Coaching creates a safe space to leaders better understand themselves and their impact on others, and then explore new behaviours and mindsets to cope with the new demands. “ CEO Today Execut ive Coaching Award s 2022 - UNITED KINGDOM - - 49 - PERSONAL COACH OF THE YEAR

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