CEO Today - Executive Coaching 2023

Shawn Gibson is a Partner at Incito Executive and Leadership Development, and leads the Executive Strategy practice. He is a former senior executive turned strategist with experience building business and high performing teams in startups, technology, and multinational manufacturing organizations. He enjoys the challenges of building a business, adding value for customers and has a strong focus on team performance, continuous learning and innovation. In his experience, leadership teams often have aspects of their business strategy figured out and need support in realizing their entire vision. Leading with Purpose Shawn knows firsthand the power of coaching and the positive impact of a high-trust coaching relationship. Throughout his career, coaching has been a common thread to achieve impactful results in sometimes extraordinarily difficult circumstances. He is passionate about helping other executives and founders lead with intention to strengthen their organizations. His approach to coaching is hands-on and collaborative. He doesn’t simply advise his clients - he helps them apply their learning in real life and real time. He possesses a deep understanding of the challenges and dynamics that leaders face in today’s competitive landscape, and brings real-world business expertise and perspectives into his coaching sessions. His experience in navigating through storming to performing years in his own technology startup enables him to provide executives practical insights and strategies that are directly applicable to their professional challenges and goals. With Shawn as their coach, leaders embrace their strengths, leverage their unique gifts, and feel empowered to make choices that lead to a better world. He believes in his clients and will push them to believe in themselves until they can see their strengths for what they really are. He is always there to recognize successes, ensuring that milestones and incremental progress are acknowledged and celebrated along the way. He also likes work to be fulfilling and fun – a mindset he wants to share with other leaders and their teams. From Ambiguity to Clarity In addition to one-on-one coaching, Incito has an established practice area in strategy development, with Shawn as the driving force. Known for his strategic mindset, deep business acumen and results-focused approach, he guides top executives and organizations through strategic planning sessions, innovative longterm thinking and breaking down team silos. Leaders gain the tools and insights to navigate complex business landscapes, identify growth drivers, and develop actionable plans to achieve sustainable success. Today, Incito is renowned for its thoughtful and comprehensive approach to individual, collective leadership team and strategy development - creating a “Better me”, “Better us” and “Better business”. Shawn Gibson Partner at Incito Executive and Leadership Development | LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COACH OF THE YEAR CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2023 - CANADA - - 46 -

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