CEO Today - Executive Coaching 2023

CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2023 - 34 - - UNITED KINGDOM - provide a 360-degree view of healthcare leadership tailored to unique challenges. Our collaborations with respected organisations like the NHS, Wiley and Maxwell Leadership add credibility, while our success stories authenticate our approach’s efficacy. Our grounding philosophy and holistic view uniquely equip us to address issues faced by minority professionals, often overlooked in traditional programs. What are the unique challenges and opportunities that healthcare professionals, such as nurses, face in terms of their career progression, and how does your coaching address them? Nurses face unique challenges like the ‘glass escalator’ and ‘imposter syndrome,’ which inhibit career progression. However, their clinical experience, patient interaction and insight into team dynamics offer valuable leadership assets. Limitless Nurses addresses these issues by targeting diverse talent and offering comprehensive, strengths and skills-based approaches. We foster an inclusive environment to combat imposter syndrome and emphasise networking and mentorship by partnering with established leaders. Our multifaceted approach equips nurses with the hard and soft skills to advance, fostering diversity and efficacy in healthcare leadership. Could you share a transformative experience or success story that encapsulates the impact of your coaching on a healthcare leader or professional? A mid-level manager came to us at Limitless Nurses on the verge of quitting the profession altogether due to stress and challenging managerial dynamics. We used effective coaching to transform their challenges into stepping stones for career growth. Understanding their manager’s behaviour and their own stress responses helped them create a strategic plan. This led to a transformative outcome: they stepped into a stretch role in a different organisation. This move eventually catapulted them into a C-suite position where they are now thriving. The UK healthcare landscape is evolving rapidly, with challenges from technology integration, high staff turnover, recruitment issues, evolving government targets, and policy changes. How do you ensure your coaching methodology remains adaptive and relevant to these shifts? In the ever-changing UK healthcare sector, Limitless Nurses offers dynamic, agile coaching tailored to current industry challenges. Our curriculum is continuously updated, benefitting from collaborations with stakeholders like the NHS, Wiley and Maxwell Leadership. We prioritise core leadership skills—adaptability, resilience, emotional intelligence—that remain relevant despite external changes. Each coaching session is personalised to the client’s unique needs and goals. We also employ a feedback-driven model, ensuring our methodologies evolve based on real-world experiences. “Being a woman in healthcare executive coaching has profoundly influenced my approach. I understand the unique hurdles women and, more so, women from minority backgrounds face, such as gender pay gaps, lack of representation, and unconscious bias.”

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