CEO Today - Executive Coaching 2023

Today, Alex Kergall is co-founder & CEO of the coaching agency Altior. Alex started to build Altior while working full-time as Director and Financial controller EMEA for the NBA (National Basketball Association). Labelled one of London’s top coaches by Influence Digest in 2021 & 2022 and recipient of the Innovative Executive Coach of the Year award for London in 2021, Alex also sits on the Forbes Coaches Council and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health. His clients range from high velocity scale-up entrepreneurs to world-class athletes and his mission is to support changemakers in the world. In 2022, with his Performance coaching support, Alex’s has seen one of his client become a ‘unicorn,’ securing more than $150 million in series D funding and crossing the $1 billion valuation threshold as a result. The desire to realise high performance has always been alive in Alex’s DNA. As a child, he ran crosscountry at the level of National Championships. This taste of high performance awakened his calling to both realise his potential and help others do the same. This mindset saw him thrive through a 15+ years career with the NBA, where he contributed to set up Basketball Africa League – The fifth League of the NBA! “Who are you?” This was the question Alex asked himself in September 2014 and this moment totally changed the course of his life. Admitting to himself that he’d been “cruising” in his career, with years spent working at the top echelons of the finance industry for Ernst & Young and the NBA, the question caused the Cote D ’Azure-born Performance Coach, to re-evaluate the direction his life was taking. Mentored by former NBA player and renowned Psychologist John Amaechi, in a crowded world where the coaching industry has exploded, it is Alex’s solid finance background which has shaped his commitment to the critical need for measuring the impact of coaching. So much so that Alex developed the Global Performance Index (GPI) tool charting 50 markers of self-performance, to create a snapshot of potential and ensure his clients have clarity around the return on their coaching investment. A valuable tool for individuals, HR departments and leadership alike. Passionate about playing a part in making the transformational power of coaching available where it can be truly life-changing, Alex is engaged with a charity to coach prisoners & support them to transition out of prison. “The challenge for ex-offenders is that despite having served their time, in the eyes of society’s employers they remain prisoners and therefore continually imprisoned by their offence.” Whether through coaching in corporations or prisons, it is this desire to influence culture for the collective good, which defines Alex sense of purpose. An advocate of meditation technique Qigong, a mindbody-spirit practice that improves one’s mental and physical health and restores energetic balance, Alex sees alignment and a state of true wellbeing as the ultimate objective. “My only goal is to take clients to the next level. Into full alignment with what they can achieve on this planet. Uncovering that and working with individuals who are going to influence the world, is my calling.” Alex Kergall Co-Founder & CEO of Altior CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2023 - UNITED KINGDOM - - 31 - HIGH PERFORMANCE COACH OF THE YEAR

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