CEO Today - Executive Coaching 2023

You mentioned your consulting company where you work as an organisational change consultant and leadership expert. What key success factors do you see for companies to master the future? I believe that the future belongs to companies that are adaptable and changeable. A prerequisite for this is vitality in the company. This develops from the ability of employees and managers to approach each other and to relate to each other well. Communication and behaviour therefore do not take place in a vacuum but meet with resonance and reverberation. Resonance seems to be a key element in your consulting approach. What does resonance have to do with business transformation? Whether transformation succeeds is determined in particular by how people communicate with each other, act and commit to common goals. And resonance means emotional connection. If rationality and emotion are in good balance, a first step towards change has been taken: listening actively instead of passively, transparency instead of secrecy, openness instead of self-centeredness, trust instead of reservation and curiosity instead of indifference form the basis for people to identify with their organisation and engage in change. Is it possible to ensure resonance? Resonance is not a sure-fire success. It can also not be created with a ready-made kit or a certificate of guarantee. Instead, at Goldfarb we create structures to transform the quality of cooperation. We design the context and conditions in which resonant relationships can develop and become established. What difference becomes visible in an organisation when structures to transform the quality of cooperation have been created? Resonance will be evident on four levels: Firstly, such an organisation enables people to get in touch with themselves on an individual level. Selfefficacy can be experienced, which is meaningful. Potentials and abilities can unfold from there. Secondly, their actions create a quality of relationship in the team and in the leadership context that is characterised by openness, clarity, appreciation and courage. CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2023 - GERMANY - - 22 -

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