CEO Today - Executive Coaching 2023

on the feedback from the client, their line manager and their direct reports. Regardless of our self-perceptions as coaches or the level of competence we attribute to ourselves, these factors hold ultimate significance. What do you expect the remainder of 2023 and the coming year will hold for your executive coaching practice and your continuing professional growth? Last year I moved with my family to Dubai, U.A.E. to dedicate myself fulltime to my coaching practice (Navid Nazemian Executive Coaching FZCO) and to continue to serve clients globally. I am particularly thrilled about a novel offering I’ve crafted called Peer Group Transition Coaching. The inspiration for this innovative approach stems from interactions with numerous 1:1 executive transition clients who have expressed a longing for a safe space to deliberate over their transition quandaries and dilemmas among trusted peers. As you’re aware, being an executive in transition can be remarkably isolating. There are times when, for various reasons, sharing dilemmas with functional peers, supervisors, or team members feels challenging, and the prospect of a year-long, one-on-one executive coaching program might not align with the aspirations or the available budget in an organisation. This is where Peer Group Coaching, a tried-and-true method, presents an extraordinary opportunity for meaningful engagement among peers. Peer Group Transition Coaching serves as a structured, facilitated dialogue within small the organisation, and the broader stakeholder community. A few notable benefits are: 1. Trusted peers contributing external viewpoints that stimulate innovative thinking 2. Leveraging the expertise and shared insights derived from observing fellow executives’ experiences 3. Enriching the collective knowledge of the entire group across the multifaceted landscape of executive transitions 4. Cultivating robust partnerships that foster collaborative action beyond departmental boundaries 5. Skilfully guided by a thought leader specialising in executive transitions, ensuring facilitation of the highest calibre And how does this format work? This is an exclusive and strictly confidential collective comprising diverse individuals who share a common purpose. Each group is meticulously crafted, ranging from a minimum of three to a maximum of six members. As members, individuals gain privileged access to my exclusive executive transition video series. Our emphasis lies in constructing groups that encapsulate a rich tapestry of diversity and seniority, ensuring a profound collective impact. The program spans four Peer Group Transition Coaching sessions, thoughtfully distributed over six months, with each session lasting 1.5 hours. The dates are thoughtfully peer clusters under my guidance as an expert coach. In essence, it seamlessly merges coaching and mentoring with the infusion of thought leadership. Within this peer setting, each executive embarks on a journey of self-reflection, addressing personal dilemmas and hurdles while benefitting from diverse perspectives offered by fellow transitioning peers, all guided by me. That sounds rather intriguing – can you tell us more about this new format? What topics may executives bring to this format? Within the framework of Peer Group Transition Coaching for Executives, the scope of reflection extends to a range of pertinent professional transition topics: 1. Delving into the reasons why executive transitions are simultaneously challenging and exhilarating 2. Navigating the pathway to circumvent the most prevalent missteps encountered during executive transitions 3. Thoughtfully contemplating interactions with pivotal stakeholders, including your line manager, peers, and ExCo/board members 4. Immersing in the exploration and acquisition of tried-and-true strategies for achieving a seamless transition 5. Demystifying the process of strategy execution The advantages emanating from this approach span across executives, CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2023 - GLOBAL - - 12 -

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