CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

CEO Today Execut ive Coaching Award s 2022 - 102 - - USA - life truths, and thought-provoking in-sights for considerations in a non-judgmental manner that can lead to a harvest in their personal and professional growth. Therefore, the chemistry between the client and the coach can make or break a coaching relationship; much like every man is not suitable for every woman, every coach is not ideal for every client. The first coaching session should be like courting in a relationship to see if the match is made in coaching heaven. Coaching by design can alter a client’s actions and transform their thinking. Below is an acrostic that coaching clients should understand and be committed to when entering into a coachclient relationship: C: Chemistry & Confidentiality O: Open & Honest Communication A: Aha, Moments that Cause Shifts C: Completing Assignments H: Having Faith in the Process I: Intentionally Playing Full Out N: Not therapy (healing); Not Mentoring (showing someone the way) G: Get Excited, Get Excited, Get Excited. If you don’t get excited about what you are doing, who will (remember the first law of energy) The first law of energy is the fundamental principle I stick to when coaching a business leader. Energy is neither created nor destroyed; it just changes form. Therefore, the first thing I must get my clients to buy into is the energy they exert in their business or on their job must be uplifting, action-oriented, and results driven. These are positive movements that will attract promotions on jobs and customers to businesses because everybody wants to be on a winning team, and winning is contagious, especially to other winners. Therefore, it is crucial for clients to use their strengths to strengthen the folks they are serving and the missions they desire to see fulfilled. The CEO Executive Coaching award means success in another dimension, an external dimension. The fact that an entity that is NOT directly related to my coaching results has taken notice of my coaching is humbling. That says to me my business coaching skill’s light is shining brighter. It shows that the JTI team is working well together. Lastly, I am grateful to be recognized for the work that I genuinely love and enjoy. I am the author of five books and a contributor to a sixth book, The Coaches Journey. My books are Real Savings, Real Deduction, Coaching Conversations, Foundations of Business from Home, The Mathematics of Marriage (co-authored with my husband, Willis), and The roBot Book Writing Method. Writing a book is not as scary as it is made out to be, especially when you have a coach that knows the secrets to book writing, a system, and a template process that simplifies the process. I am convinced I can help anybody with something significant to say that solves a problem for someone else, and the person is coachable that I can help them write a book. I am convinced because I have already helped numerous folks fulfill their dream of authorship. This includes my mom twice. She wrote her first book at 82 years old and the second at 86 years old. How? She used my system and templates, and she was coachable. I created my system to beat the odds of someone like me (still struggling with reading as an adult) becoming an author. The templates I created are to make the process faster and easier. My book coaching is available to make the dream a reality as quickly as possible. Here is a hint. The first task to accomplish is the outline. Once the outline domino is knocked down, the rest of the book-writing process has no choice but to fall onto the done list, too. So, I offer a 5-day challenge to get the outline done called, Outline Your Next Book Challenge. Check out My latest book The roBot Book Writing Method, is an effective method for growing an audience, getting recognized, and selling more offers and services fast for three reasons: 1. You can use my writing method at “” to write an impactful book SUPER fast (even if you’re not a writer)... 2. You can pre-sell your book, so it can bring in revenue to cover expenses before it’s out in the world (this is a game-changer because it costs NOTHING to get your book published… it’s selling BEFORE you’re done writing!)... 3. Your book then turns people who don’t know you into clients or customers (so if you have an offer to sell... like a coaching offer or premium digital course… your book sells it for you!)

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