CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - USA - - 97 - People often ask me why I think executive coaching works. Although there are some nuances, tools, and techniques for coaching executives, what underlies a coaching relationship is a true deep listening and hearing of the client. Really hearing someone without judging them or without trying to change their perspective is truly a priceless gift. How often are you able to talk to people in your life and know that they are listening completely to you? How often do they hear you without judgment or give advice to you? Most of us would answer that question with, “Not very often.” What could you learn about yourself if you had the space to talk about your goals, fears, motivations, and obstacles to someone who isn’t attached to one outcome but rather to helping you find your best outcome? What if you could talk through your leadership and relationship challenges with someone who won’t tell you if you are wrong or right but rather to help you empower yourself and figure out what exactly is right for you? Many of my clients tell me that coaching is magic. Maybe they are right because it is truly about finding your own magic and then sharing it with the world. It’s about showing up to work and life as your truly best self and watching the magic that happens when you do. It’s so common to get stuck in our own heads and to get in our own way. Finding a good listener who will hold space for you to unravel your struggles and problems, is a true gift. It’s a bit self-serving to sing the praises of coaching since I am one. Yet when you find something that empowers people, helps them grow and live big, joyful lives, why wouldn’t you brag about it? Coaching might not solve all of your problems; it might not make being an executive any easier. Though I’m confident that it will make you a calmer, happier executive and that is a win in itself. Wendy’s (the fast-food hamburger place) was where I got my start in business. I started as a sandwich maker and moved up to cashier. That job taught me how to really listen to people, how to calmly respond when people were angry and upset, and how to honor unusual requests without judgment. That illustrious start led to a finance major/economics minor in college and then a master’s and doctoral degrees in psychology. Each piece of my life, each career, each person, led me to the executive coach I am today. I work with c-suite and senior leaders in a variety of industries. I’m often told that I’m their secret weapon as I help them make confident, well thought out decisions without the distractions and opinions of so many others that surround executives. The higher one rises in an organization, the harder it is to find unbiased listeners and an agenda free support system. I’m proud to offer that to the executives I work with as their partner in personal and professional development. Lisa Kaplin Psy.D, PCC WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT COACH OF THE YEAR

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