CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

Kyle Moses, PhD - Executive Coach - Revolution Solutions | Optimize your energy, focus, and time by understanding where your values may be out of alignment with your day-to-day: Kyle works with motivated leaders who are ready to optimize themselves by making the changes that are important to them. His coaching philosophy is holistic, focused on positive psychology, and includes a systems-based framework built around the core belief that “the revolution starts from within.” As the client develops a new understanding of how the world is presenting itself while their own cognitive framing of roles and responsibilities evolves, lasting change is created. It starts with an empathic approach: Kyle’s extensive professional experience pivots on empathy, synergy, and the spirit of partnership with executives at all levels, enabling an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect that facilitates effective coaching. Having experienced many of the same challenges as his clients, Kyle has a full appreciation of the importance of the coaching work they take on. Clients appreciate Kyle’s sincerity, his integrity, his insightful questions, and the humor and energy he brings to the work. Goal-setting with clarity: In working with clients, Kyle seeks to facilitate (1) a deep understanding of what the individual wants to gain from the coaching process – and how success will be measured; (2) a high level of self-awareness – including values and strengths; (3) a clear perspective of what he or she wants to change; (4) a plan to put the change in place; and (5) practice to make it part of the individual’s enduring capabilities. It takes courage to exit autopilot, but your wisdom lies within: Whatever your goals, Kyle will tap into your own experience and wisdom and, notably, will help provide critical analyses that challenge your default thought settings. He will offer support, guidance, and resources where needed and will promote timely action. The most significant factor differentiating top leaders from average performers is understanding that what got them here will not continue to support success in future challenges. This alchemy must invariably change as we look to rise into our best selves. Bespoke coaching for clients in every industry: Kyle’s extensive experience working over three decades in both the public and private sectors, coupled with his two business degrees and PhD in organizational psychology, provide the sage dexterity to successfully tailor his coaching approaches. Whether a C-suite Executive, a Board Member, or a high-performing individual looking to optimize their potential, Kyle works with his clients to cultivate and cocreate awareness and intention. This focused path to action can include ways to address communication challenges within organizations, bring clarity to leader blind spots, dislodge and resolve limiting beliefs, and reformulate operational and leadership strategies to match an increasingly shifting and complex business environment. Your revolution starts from within, and Kyle will help you find the key to access that. CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - USA - - 93 -

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