CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

ABOUT INCITO: Incito is the premier executive development firm to uniquely elevate executive and leadership team mindsets creating the foundation for the highest and most meaningful outcomes in their business and personal lives. Our clients experience a choiceful evolution of mindset that shifts their strengths and skills, finding new ways of thinking and allowing them to grow from reactive experts to strategic, future-focused leaders. This is achieved through a highly custom, personalized and choice focused approach that focuses on the leader as a whole so they can rethink ineffective, learned mindset and behavior patterns first, and then effectively evolve the best leadership skills and tactics second. Incito’s goal is to create leaders who have the confidence and mindset to create their highest and best outcomes, not only for themselves, but for their employees, teams and businesses. WHY INCITO: Most development programs are systemized and attempt to measure an executive’s existing skills and the specific growth skills needed for high-level executive leadership. These systems lack a fundamental and incredibly important focus point – a choiceful growth. Most of the skills that got an executive to this point are no longer best serving them in their new role and they need to grow away from certain skills that got them to the executive level. Some reactive skills are a boat anchor holding them back from strategic leadership. There is nothing wrong with reactive skills, but they are highly correlated with being a front-line expert and inversely correlated with effective strategic leadership. We look at not only what you need to grow into, but what you need to grow away from. Some of these boat anchors need to be dropped – choicefully dropped – so the development journey can move forward. This is the heart of our approach and exactly why leaders will get a more impactful outcome from Incito. Jenn Lofgren and her Business Partner, Shawn Gibson E: | T: 403-922-2224 CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - CANADA - - 69 -

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