CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

Vanessa Daswani Founder of SeaCircular Vanessa Daswani is an executive coach with a purpose - to raise the consciousness of organizational leaders on climate change, sustainability, and the planetary crisis. With the Anthropocene era, climate change presents unquestionable risks for the future of humanity. Vanessa wants to help business leaders and influencers widen their scope of vision, raise their consciousness, and accompany them into business action. She motivates them not only to mitigate their impacts in the environment, but to become active precursors of regenerative business action. What Motivated SeaCircular? Driven by deep values and purpose, Vanessa has founded SeaCircular, where she focuses her work in the development of the sustainable mindsets, skills and the inner space needed for the achievement of sustainable development. At SeaCircular, self-development for sustainability is the core stone of inner transformation. Why Self-Development for Sustainable Development? To attain the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), behavioural change and transformation is needed at all levels, from global to local, and in all organizations, businesses, political and educational areas. However, underlaying all these levels, personal transformation is necessary, where core values and believes undergo a deep shift, where knowing that business-as-usual is no longer possible drives a deep shift in behaviour. It is only from this deep transformation that leaders can search for new, innovative, and creative solutions for environmental problems. However, knowledge of the SDGs and climate science is not enough, and external solutions have reached their limit, with a constant struggle between the current stateof-affairs and sustainable innovation. Leaders need to personalise the systemic environmental issues at hand: what Vanessa calls “Bringing Sustainability to the Heart”. Caring for the planet, for its social and environmental problems, for the loss of biodiversity and destruction of planetary resources. Caring for the legacy we are leaving for our future generations and wanting to shift the values that have led us to this situation, towards values such as Authenticity, Integrity, Co-Creation, Collaboration, Courage, and Trust. With this focus inwards, leaders can then take responsibility into their own hands, asking themselves what their contribution towards sustainable goals is, and making the correct decisions to get there. How does Vanessa work Inner Development at SeaCircular? SeaCircular has developed a program based on the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) and the Sustainability Mindset Principles, which takes leaders through a deep transformational journey, with a framework that explores areas of Knowing, Thinking, Acting and Being Sustainable. The experiential program is foundational work, where Vanessa accompanies leaders through their inner transformation, while gaining the skills and mindsets needed to deploy sustainability strategies successfully in organizations. The program is based on one-to-one coaching sessions as well as collective team development and facilitation. People and organizations are more likely to act within a field of inspiration, of inner vision, where internal shift and human growth is achieved. Who is Vanessa… Vanessa, based in Barcelona combines business and corporate experience with executive coaching background, as well as wide knowledge on climate change, circular economy, sustainability, regenerative economics, and systems innovation. Through the wide scope of her knowledge, she is able to reach new depths in her work as a climate and sustainability leadership coach. Vanessa holds EMBA from ESADE Business School in Barcelona. She is also an ACC ICF accredited executive business coach. SeaCircular and Vanessa are leading a movement within the coaching sector, where leadership and selfdevelopment is a force for good, for the betterment of the society, the environment, and the planet. CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - SPAIN - - 44 - SUSTAINABILITY EXECUTIVE COACH OF THE YEAR

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