CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

Long-term support, the key success factor It is not only a strong belief; it is also her own experience. She worked at IKEA for 21 years, starting from the bottom as a team leader. She graduated from a High Business school before starting her journey. But as she says “once on the field, it’s another game”. The turning point in her carrier is due to a long-term coaching. She was appointed deputy CEO IKEA France, one of the biggest companies in the world. And thanks to this longterm coaching, she was able to perform during 4 years in this position. She then had the privilege to apply for a very selective IKEA global program for innovation. Success was on point again. Take the right decision at the right time is priceless According to her, “this is basically THE key for success”. She acts beside you, as a support to improve your decision-making process. This is her biggest learning from her own long-term coaching. When you run a business, step back and see the whole picture is not so easy. Her signature sentence: “our brain is like a car without wing mirrors” Our brain is not equipped to see blind spots. A sparring partner is thereby a strong need to bring more clarity. It is not easy to avoid cognitive biases for instance. And yet, each decision has to overcome this distortion of reality. The added value with a sparring partner here, is to bring wing mirrors to the brain. The picture is wider, you can drive faster and safer. Efficiency is on point. Your business is growing. That’s the deal. She has a very wide knowledge of how a company works With her expertise on how to run a company, and how to make it profitable, you improve at all levels. She worked during 21 years in the same company, and a very successful one. She had the chance to learn very deeply how to build a successful strategy and how to make it a living reality. How to analyze each business need, and how to market it. But also, how to optimize logistic supply chain, operational costs, marketing, sustainability, internal and external communication and all services. But the most important remains according to her, the people strategy. How to create a clear and inspiring vision, to engage and motivate your people. She insists: “people are not a cost; they are you most valuable investment”. And her moto since ever: “with engaged and well-trained people, you can move mountains”. Your business strategy is sharper, with more accurate decisions. You plan is stronger, with “wing mirrors” for excellence in execution. You evolve / grow / succeed To complete her professional experience, she took time to learn how to become an expert in coaching. She’s certified by ICF (International Coaching Federation) and Kahler Communication (Coaching with Process Communication Model®). She was also trained by experts in business coaching at Lugh & Co, who’s flag is “leading is an art”. Nadia Bothorel CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - FRANCE - - 39 - EXECUTIVE COACH OF THE YEAR

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