CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

David Goldfarb Founder of Goldfarb Consulting GmbH As a coach with longstanding experience and expert in business transformation, what does coaching mean to you? First of all, coaching is creating a safe space in which I discover and examine new perspectives with my clients. The aim is to feel the power of a change perspective and to gradually integrate it into action. Do you work with a specific coaching approach? With my clients, I try to look at the current challenges and understand the root causes and the patterns without persisting with the problems of the past. My background has shaped me to think systemically with a view to the whole. In addition, my work is characterised by a solutionfocused approach where I work in a resourceoriented way with my clients. This means looking towards the client’s future situation and using their existing skills, strategies and ideas to define steps in that direction rather than focusing too much on the problem. How have your personal experiences informed this approach? In a professional context, whether in my work with family businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises or with international corporations, I have repeatedly found that looking at the desired future and working out the first small steps towards it has often been a real breakthrough. This helped me especially at decisive turning points in my life, such as when I left the corporate world and founded my own consulting company. Here, I experienced how an attractive vision of the future can release incredible personal resources. For me very personally, the solution-focused view is a kind of superpower which often helps to find the turning point in everyday conflicts – for example as a father of two children, as a husband or in conflicting relationship constellations. What characterises your work as a credentialled ICF Master Certified Coach? I do not think any credential, no matter how high, automatically makes you a good coach. But of course, I was happy when I got my MCC credential because it not only reflects my professional experience as a coach but was also an intense learning opportunity where I got to know other wonderful coaches. A major distinction that sets MCCs apart is their ability to be curious beyond the first issue that the client brings up. But also, their discovery questions evoke awareness and facilitate the client’s growth at the human level rather than the surface level of the problem. The MCC level is the highest standard you can achieve by the International Coaching Federation. CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - GERMANY - - 29 - EXECUTIVE COACHING SERVICE OF THE YEAR

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