CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

2. Create clarity – a leader needs to create, understand and communicate a compelling common purpose that aims the team in the same direction. Leaders must create fluent omnipresence of purpose and goals, as they are the backbone of meaning. Here, we embed that clarity into meaningful individual and team conversations that happen regularly, in the context of everyday work. 3. Support and coach – a leader recognises people’s contributions, gives effective and regular feedback and regularly engages in meaningful and difficult conversations with individuals and the team as a whole. The hurdle we help leaders to overcome is going from full-time judges and auditors (that KPI reporting and corporate systems force them into) to being coaches and enablers of flow and great performance. 4. Build capacity for future success – a leader recognises that their key role is not only to achieve results today but to build a team that will be able to achieve even better results tomorrow. Performance development over performance management wins every time and it is one mantra we incept into the leaders’ mindsets and train for according to behaviours. How do C-suite executives stand to benefit from your individual leadership coaching? Individual leadership coaching is always an important part of our work. First, it enables executives to dive deep into their challenges so they can truly evolve their mindset, behaviours and habits. Leadership is complex and C-suite executives have especially limited options to discuss their biggest challenges with people around them. That is why having an experienced coach who can guide them and challenge them in their thinking is crucial for long-term success and growth. Second, we align the individual coaching with the developmental journey of the wider team. There is a lot of leadership coaching out there, and what we have seen is that results do not truly scale. Change cannot happen in isolation and if there is a disconnect between what the leaders think or do, and what their teams think or do, things get stuck. In our case this means that we do not just do ‘leadership coaching’ in isolation, but also reflect through the point where their teams are on their journey to become one of the top 5% high-performing teams and how their actual daily leadership should change because of that. We couple that with another reflection: “Where am I as a leader when comparing my behaviours to the top 5% of leaders in the world?” Using this, the actual steps leaders take are much more confident and get adopted quicker. Because we are not just doing ordinary leadership coaching, but tying it to those golden reflection points, one could say that we provide ‘Accelerated Leadership Coaching’ for busy C-suite executives who are taking their companies to become the world’s greatest. Is there a particular creed or philosophy that informs your practices? We are a values-driven organisation. These beliefs guide everything we do internally and with clients: 1. Business is people. A thriving business can only be created by thriving people. 2. We do not decide our future. We decide our habits and our habits decide our future. For different results we need different behaviours. In organisations of people, nothing changes if the everyday behaviours of people do not change. 3. We focus and build on what is right with people. Our strengths are the key to thriving. 4. High performance is a habit. The minute you stop doing what brought you high performance, it vanishes. 5. Business is an infinite game. You can never win business. The name of the game is to grow and improve every day and keep playing. 6. High performance should feel good. Achieving arbitrary, short-term wins on account of our health or relationships is not high performance at all. We do not rev our engine into the red zone. Rather, we find a way to shift into a higher gear. “Thriving business comes from thriving people that come from intention and action.” CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - SLOVENIA - - 18 -

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