CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

rapid cycles to increase their own sensitivity to what is happening inside themselves and around them. Over time, they start spotting and labelling new patterns as they emerge. What is your favourite aspect of your work? Seeing my clients enhance their capacity to be in the world. They have a sense of authenticity rooted in knowing that they will never know it all but have developed a curious mind that helps them ask a different set of questions to see possibility that others cannot. This becomes their superpower. In a world that is becoming more polarised, they find a way to engage with it and appreciate multiple perspectives without feeling defensive and find ways to continue to engage with it in supportive and helpful ways. What does this award mean to you? It is an honour and a privilege that encourages me even more to continue to support others in their growth as my clients support me grow as a practitioner. Ultimately, every client that I work with also has a ripple effect on others. ABOUT NUTURING CHOICEFULNESS Nurturing Choicefulness emerged from the need to replace counterproductive techniques used when dealing with the unknown (complexity and uncertainty) that stifle innovation, change, and promote people feeling irrelevant. Nurturing Choicefulness supports organisations, teams and individuals at all levels to enhance their adaptive capacity and flexibility to thrive in a more complex, polarised and changing world. The team does this by cocreating with their clients’ bespoke responses to their challenges. At the core of their business is creating conditions for their clients to disrupt their mindsets. Their aim is to create a context that invites movement or change that is sustainable over time and delivers practical outcomes. “Change is like a wave that keeps getting bigger and bigger. There is no way to avoid it but there are ways to surf it.” CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - NEW ZEALAND - - 141 -

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