CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

in transition. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, it might be difficult to share dilemmas with functional peers, line managers and team members and you do not necessarily wish to work with a transition coach on a fully-fledged year-long executive coaching programme in a 1:1 capacity. The power of peer group coaching is proven and the format provides a unique opportunity to engage with fellow peers. Peer Group Transition Coaching is a facilitated, structured conversation that leads to inspired actions in small peer groups that are led by me as an expert coach. Or in other words, it is the perfect combination of coaching and mentoring coupled with thought leadership. In a peer group, each executive will reflect on personal dilemmas and challenges they encounter by gaining varied perspectives from transitioning peers, led by me. That sounds rather intriguing – can you tell us more about this new format? What topics may executives bring to this format? During Peer Group Transition Coaching for Executives, you can reflect with your peers on any transition related topics that are relevant to you professionally, such as: 1. Understanding and reflecting on what makes executive transitions both challenging and exciting. 2. Learning how to avoid the biggest mistakes made during executive transitions. 3. Reflecting upon your interactions with key stakeholders such as your line manager, peers and ExCo/board. 4. Learning and exploring proven interventions to transition most successfully. 5. How to break down organisational fragmentation and what are key outcomes of that. There are multiple benefits to the executives, the organisation and the wider stakeholder group, but to name a few: 1. Trusted peers bring outside-in perspectives that provoke thinking; 2. Expert-led and shared learnings by observing fellow executives; 3. Upskilling the entire group on all angles of executive transitions; 4. Build powerful alliances that enable action outside of silos; 5. Expertly facilitated by a thought leader of executive transitions. And how does this format work? This is an exclusive, confidential and diverse group with like-minded peers. Each group consists of a minimum of three and a maximum of six members. Members get access to the executive transition video introduction series that I have created. Ideally, the group is carefully composed in terms of diversity and seniority to maximise impact. There are a total of four Peer Group Transition Coaching sessions over six months (1.5 hours/session), and the dates will be set in advance and will accommodate critical company events. Each session is focused on the Double Diamond Framework© of Executive Transitions and will involve a dilemma or a transition challenge presented by one or two of the group member. There is also one alignment call conducted with each participant ahead of the very first group session. Sessions are held face-to-face (virtual upon request only) and followed up with a social lunch or dinner to facilitate peer networking. They take place in the client’s city of choice. One of the best parts is that there are four 1:1 mentor coaching sessions per member after each group session to embed learnings and master uniquely individual challenges. How do you maintain confidentiality in such a setting? Information sharing in the group is based on strict confidentiality (members will sign an NDA to maintain the integrity of peer coaching conversations). CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - UNITED KINGDOM - - 14 -

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