CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - AUSTRALIA - - 137 - Tim is a successful business and high performance coach and practitioner based in Sydney, Australia. He works globally with a client based that is truly international and regards jet lag as the price he has to pay to work with such amazing people. He is a straight shooter with a pragmatic style that is refreshing and quickly cuts through to the heart of problems for organisations and individuals. He has an incredibly interesting CV which makes him an exceptional source of knowledge and wisdom. With more than 30 years experience leading teams and businesses across the Corporate Sector, Government and Law Enforcement, Tim brings a unique perspective to his areas of expertise. Leadership, Executive and Organisational Coaching, People Analytics and Psychologically Safety are Tim’s core activities. Tim blends deep experience and technical knowledge with a pragmatism that acknowledges commercial realities and the fact that processes have to be brought to life by people. Combining this with a range of Board and Board Committee experience as both an executive member and as a Non Executive Director he is a firm believer that, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” and, as such, must be the number one driver for organisational excellence. He is an expert in applying commercial acumen in a complex and ever-changing world. Tim is an exceptional communicator and influencer who tackles complex issues and problems with a simple, straightforward style and a “Call it how it is” philosophy. He is passionate about the link between psychologically safe environment and high performance. Tim lives in Sydney with his partner of 20+ years and 2 teenage children. Timothy Kitching Director at Critical Factors

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