CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

your work and actions speak for you. Do the right thing even when no one is looking – that is called integrity. Be consistent and intentional. Your goals must lead to growth!! What, to you, are the key skills of a ‘Coachpreneur’? • First of all, it is important to ensure that you, as a coach, have your own coach or mentor to ensure intention and continuous growth. • Secondly, a coach must always keep in mind that the coaching process is about the coachee and guiding them to navigate past obstacles that prevent them from getting to the better version of self they want to be. • It is important for a coach to be curious and not judgemental in their questioning. • In view of the aforementioned, it is important for a coach to master the three coaching methods of questioning: probing questioning, expansive questioning and action-evoking questioning. Remember that the idea is help the client grow. • Coaches must have the ability to set up boundaries and set the rules of engagements during the coaching session. This includes times, locations and venues for meeting for coaching sessions, cancellations, etc. • As a Coachepreneur, it is important to creat ‘Coaching Packages’ because coaching tends to comprise multiple sessions. You should therefore provide hourly, weekly or monthly options that allow longer sessions to have some sort of discount. • Set up a payment system (e.g. PayPal) for business. What is it that drives you to achieve the best for your clients? The good feeling of seeing a client grow personally or achieve their own goals as they become a better version of themselves. This really feels good to me. Knowing that someone is happier and living their best life just really gives me joy and a sense of significance. What does this award mean to you? This is just so mind-blowing and incredibly unexpected. With COVID-19, my contacts and sessions had expanded to the USA, South Africa, Canada, Poland and Spain, but I honestly did not expect to be recognised on an international platform. I am really humbled that my efforts to grow and develop leaders – and to make a difference in organisational cultures by changing how leaders lead – are felt and appreciated. It feels like I won an Oscar! Can you tell us about your plans for your practice as we approach 2023? I already have some organisations lined up and some clients already making bookings for 2023 for coaching training – executive coaching for leadership and psychometric assessments for team synergy. It is amazing that word of mouth travels and is such a powerful tool. But most importantly, I have such a great team working with me, especially my right hand person, Ms Hileni Frans – AKA Nuwanga. She is such a major driving force for the business. We at Dimples plan to expand our business like never before as we continue changing lives and organisations one at a time. Leaders grow daily – and never in a day! CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - NAMIBIA - - 133 -

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