CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

You have a wide range of professional qualifications, including degrees in arts, business administration, psychology and psychometry. What led you to pursue a career in executive coaching? My first degree was a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology. I later specialised in Psychometrics. I also obtained a postgraduate certificate in Dispute Resolutions (Labour Law) and Outcome-Based Education and, yes, an MBA. As a graduate, I noticed how things in organisations were just not getting implemented according to most strategies and plans. Most people are appointed to leadership positions because of their technical and operational capabilities but fail as leaders, and some become good managers – but who merely enforce policies and maintain the status quo without enacting real change, so the organisation does not grow. I learnt early on the great influence that leadership has on ensuring change, improvement, development and growth in an organisation and its people. I made a decision to start helping new or first-time managers to lead with significance and getting things done-through their team members. Around 2015, I started getting requests from fellow managers within NamPower and external organisations to assist their leadership or coach them to ensure that their teams were thriving. I was thus thrown into leadership coaching. How do your accreditations assist you in your current practice? Dimples Psychometrics’ catchphrase and logo states: “Know (yourself) To Grow”. Therefore, as a psychometrist, I believe in assessing clients and leaders. This helps people to understand your thinking styles and behaviours, so you can develop those that add value and help you and those around you to grow and become your best selves. As this might show, I use a lot of psychometric assessments to help leaders and individuals discover their potential and understand themselves better. After that, I help them to communicate better via professional speaking and helping them to start Mercy Situmbeko Founder of Dimples Psychometrics & Management CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - NAMIBIA - - 131 -

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