CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - UAE - - 121 - Audrey Hametner CEO & Founder of The Bedrock Program The Bedrock Program is focused on helping people create career development goals based on the discovery and understanding of their core values. We provide coaching and workshops for people of all ages, their companies, and educational organizations to tackle the issue of increased anxiety around identifying one’s ability to feel purpose in the work they do. Our approach is unique as everything we do is brought back to how the individuals’ core values are aligned with decision-making. Our method teaches people to create a deeper motivation to drive personal action. We help our clients identify their core values and create success criteria based on that. This approach increases motivation and engagement in their studies and careers. In our practice, we work with people from the age of 13 until retirement, thereby identifying trends, concerns, and issues from all areas of the career cycle. On the executive level, our coaching is focused on supporting your personal and professional development. Values guide how you show up, but they also play out differently depending on where you are, and expressing deep values and purpose at the board level, looks and feels very different than on the C-suite. At Board level management, we work with leaders to find a way to work as an effective board and focus on their individual growth in doing so. Joining an established board can be tough, and learning how to navigate the challenges to begin providing impact from day one is key to feeling confident and establishing one’s confidence. For our C-suite clients, the focus has been primarily on learning how to effectively manage up and down the chain of command, while staying true to what they want from their role and developing the leadership skills that change as seniority increases. The skills to succeed at this level are less technical and more about personal beliefs, leadership, and learning how to make space for growth- both yours and your team’s. This is a tough place to maneuver, and our clients find that our approach opens the right space to find their path. One that works for them and is effective within the culture of their organization. With our Professional clients, the focus of our work is on identifying how far off from their core values, their life has ventured. We help them recognize ‘why’ they feel disconnected from meaningful work. Many of these clients have achieved some status-based success and yet they do not feel the joy and purpose in their lives. Our work helps these clients redesign their focus, and understand what beliefs they hold, that once adjusted, can make meaningful changes to achieve success. With the current climate of quiet quitting and disengagement, we believe that in most cases, people can find ways of developing or recognizing growth opportunities that appeal to their core values. We strive to help reawaken their zest for life and for work to be a supportive and useful part of their lives, not just a means to earn money. As career development coaches, we focus on bringing everything back to what matters- Core values. We believe that our values are the bedrock of who we are as individuals. Yet sadly, so many people have not had the chance to truly understand what that could mean for them on a deeper level. The Bedrock Program has a unique structure that allows itself to provide deep transformation for individuals, regardless of age. This is highlighted by the 92% success rate for clients across the board. Clients leave with a clear and validated understanding of their core values, how to use them to evaluate opportunities, and have a clearly defined plan of action to begin their journey. We are humbled and honoured by the referrals and the growing support from corporations, government partners, schools, universities, and organizations that support disengaged people, that have asked us to motivate and support their students and employees to develop deeper engagement within their organizations. The past few years have been tough, but the support we have received to help us grow and spread our voice and influence shows us that we are on the right track and serving the communities well. We plan to continue to serve and support and do our part in creating communities across the globe filled with motivated and engaged participants. We have plans for further use of technology in our services such as virtual reality, and 3D gaming. For us, It starts with youth, but it never ends.

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