CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

transition supported by an executive transition coach can facilitate the adoption of a new and supportive organisational culture and management style. Also, it helps to reduce organisational anxiety by sending signals of proactive and thoughtful leadership. Benefits for the Stakeholders The RBL Group, a human resources consulting firm, published their findings in ‘The Leadership Gap‘, a study with 430 portfolio managers and institutional investors. They found that the top three criteria for an investment decision are: how the company performs (with 38.5%), industry favourableness with (33.1%) and quality of leadership (with 28.4%). What is particularly interesting is that the RBL Group also measured the confidence levels these investors had in their ability to assess the three criteria. The lowest confidence intervals were shown at the quality of leadership with 3.75 or a standard deviation of 0.96, versus 0.58 for performing firms and 0.66 for industry favourableness. That means investors and portfolio managers have the lowest confidence level when it comes to being able to measure the quality of leadership. Part of what makes the quality of leadership is onboarding the CEO effectively and minimising their chances of derailment. With these findings, we are “In a nutshell, Peer Group Transition Coaching is a faclitated, structured conversation that leads to inspired actions in small peer groups that are led by me as an expert coach. Or in other words, it is the perfect combination of coaching and mentoring coupled with thought leadership.” CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - UNITED KINGDOM - - 12 -

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