CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

Your unique coaching approach involves triggering leaders’ ‘motivation, passion and intuition’. What are your techniques for accomplishing this? Through my past decade of training and coaching leaders in Asia, I noticed that most leaders already knew what to do, and I played the role to tell them what they did not do by triggering their self-awareness, motivation, passion and intuition. My unique coaching style is a holistic approach that accounts for the complete growth of the leader, which I personally find is most effective. The holistic theory says that all events are related and an individual is a sum of all their parts. Therefore, in order to trigger a leader’s thoughts, I would have to pay attention to their complete growth and encourage balance in all aspects of their work and life. This will provide a better perspective pertaining to their place in the world (in both their work and their life), help them to feel more connected, balanced and purposeful, and give them a new understanding of how they matter. How many companies and executives have you coached and trained in the Asia-Pacific region? I have coached and trained more than 100 companies and more than 1,000 executives in the region. Many companies have engaged me on a yearly contract to coach and train their managers as they have witnessed the effectiveness of my coaching and training programs over the years. As a certified coach and trainer with the John Maxwell Team, this is greatly satisfying and my greatest personal achievement. Tell us a little about your book, ‘The Indubitable Leadership Principles’. What does it cover? My book explores different aspects of leadership by citing real-life cases of leaders who have portrayed specific aspects of leadership. Specifically, this book concentrates on major traits of leadership, including the love of challenges, attitude and how it impacts a leader’s success, sincerity in leadership, trust in leadership, innovation in leadership, perseverance and gratitude in leadership and many other areas. For the purposes of investigating such traits of effective and successful leaders, research on different literature is conducted to ensure that all factors affecting leadership are explored. What does this award mean to you? This award is something that is conferred on the basis of merit. Therefore, it is important to my image as a coach, and also important for garnering respect within the coaching profession. This will translate into allowing me to develop deeper relationship with my clients and the media. However, it also triggers my self-reflection on how I can continue to do better so that my activities, achievements and approach could be more impressive than those of the other contenders. The ultimate meaning of this award is the impetus for me to continue learning to be more competent in my coaching! Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker John C Maxwell Group, PCC, ICF Gilbert NG Dr. CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - MALAYSIA - - 117 -

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