CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

- 108 - - USA - CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 interpersonal conflicts and limited resources is priceless when you work in a fast-paced business. Coaching showed me that it was a skill that can be developed and strengthened with practice and commitment. I did not have to wait on anyone else but me to change my whole world. It was a game changer for me. How do you plan to build on your practice in 2023? In 2023, I will be launching new books and online courses offering practical solutions and strategies to deal with modern work challenges like burnout, remote work productivity, employee retention, time management, hybrid work team leadership and career changes. We will also be scaling up the YouTube Channel ‘Visible and Valued with Victoria’ with a Q&A show to highlight simple ways professionals can uplift their spirits and grow their careers at the same time. In the first half of 2023, my quick reading book series ‘The Future is Now’ will be released on Amazon and Audible. This series is all about giving leaders the tools for navigating the modern workplace without sacrificing success, health and relationships. After coaching so many professionals who felt thrown into remote and hybrid work over the last few years, I saw that many did not have any mentorship or best practices for working and leading remotely. To paraphrase one of my clients, “Isn’t it great that people assume everyone to be super adaptable and skilled to handle anything and everything?” The book series provides remote and hybrid work best practices and leadership tips in short how-to books for busy leaders of remote hybrid office teams who know they need to work differently in the digital age. Today, success comes to those who know how to support their teams’ human needs and align business processes with the new, more flexible remote and hybrid workplaces. This book series gives simple, proven ways to improve individual and team productivity, communication and engagement while working remotely and in hybrid offices. In your view, what is the foundation of executive success? To me, the foundation of executive success is being able to communicate their vision and show the team how it aligns with the organisation’s mission and values. What is the most crucial lesson that you try to instil in each of your clients? The recurring theme in my coaching is creating the connections with other people that make you unstoppable in business – real human connections that have trust, caring and honour. Each Hepburn Coaching client learns that they do not have to have all the answers; they just need to share their dreams and help others to reach their own. Also, many clients find ways to give themselves and others more empathy and compassion as they navigate challenges, which makes work better for all. What does this award mean to you? I am flattered and grateful to be recognised as one of the award winners this year. I strive to offer best-inclass coaching and consulting services. It is an honour to be acknowledged for the impact we are making in the world, even when there are so many more people to serve. Tell us a little about your book, ‘Pressure Makes Diamonds: Simple Habits for Busy Professionals to Break the Burnout Cycle’. What does it cover? My best-selling book, ‘Pressure Makes Diamonds: Simple Habits for Busy Professionals to Break the Burnout Cycle’, gives clear and simple actions to boost productivity and resilience without quitting. By telling the story of how I ended my own burnout cycle while working in a fast-paced environment, I hope to provide others with a blueprint to save them years of research and trial and error. How have you applied these lessons in your own professional life? I am still applying the tools in ‘Pressure Makes Diamonds’ to maintain work/life balance as a founder, wife, and mother to a pre-schooler and large rescue dog who refuses to play fetch. It is critical to be intentional with my time and ensure that both my work and personal life reflects my values and goals. In the book, I share the BOOST system: five simple steps that helped me break the burnout cycles that limited my life and career satisfaction without quitting. I do not promise an overnight quick fix. I am offering what has worked for me and other busy professionals working to solve complex challenges in business and still have a fulfilling personal life. I share them freely because I know they have helped me a great deal and I am eager to help others live well at work and at home.

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