CEO Today - Executive Coaching Awards 2022

1. 96% of first-year employees were retained, as compared to 18% of employees at laggard organisations. 2. 82% of employees hired in the last 12 months met their first performance milestone on time, as compared to 3% at laggard organisations. 3. 18% year-on-year improvement in hiring manager satisfaction, compared to a 1% decrease among laggard organisations. 4. Improvement in customer satisfaction by 12% and customer retention by 10%, compared to a 2% improvement of each at laggard organisations. As we can see, there are very tangible, commercial benefits from getting CEO onboarding and transitions right. What are, in your view, the ripple effects of not getting CEO transitions right? A study from the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) examines the ripple effect of high-impact leadership transitions. They examined over 30,000 executive leader transitions, enriched further by hundreds of executive leader interviews. They found that the direct reports of a struggling transitioning executive leader on average performed 15% worse than those who reported to a high-performing one, so there is a clear performance drag attached to failed transitions. Furthermore, in comparing the likelihood of the direct reports of high performing versus struggling transitioning leaders to be highly engaged or remain in the organisation, they found a statistically significant difference of 20%. If we add to this the set of executive CEO Today Executive Coaching Awards 2022 - UNITED KINGDOM - - 10 -

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